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MP Power offers a vast array of services, such as technical-administrative Due-Diligences, on-site measurements with own, certified instruments, support to development and construction of new plants and asset management of existing plants..
Thanks to its multi-discipline team with vast experience in all the steps of development, construction and management of plants, MP offers a highly-customized support to its Clients.


MP performs a vast range of desk and on-site activities.
MP performed the following services for major sector players such as investors, facilities and financing institutes in Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, China, Taiwan, Spain, Latvia:
  • Over 140 technical-administrative Due-Diligences (combined power: 180 MWp)
  • Over 100 thermographic inspections (combined power: 130 MWp)
  • Over 100 performance and electrical measurements, such as PR tests, I-V module measurements, electrical and safety checks (combined power: 150 MWp)
  • 30 supplier qualification of photovoltaic module producers with factory audits


Thanks to its extensive, direct experience in «green field» development and in the acquisition&operation of plants, MP offers a full spectrum of qualified Technical Advisory services in the hydro power sector, with a special focus on Italy and on the Balkan area.
One of the main activities of MP is related to technical-administrative due-diligences on small hydroelectric power plants (over 40 plants, combined power c.a. 38 MW). Moreover, MP followed the work advancement on behalf of financing institutes and investors and supported developers in the obtainment of permits needed for the construction of new power plants.


The direct experience in the development, construction and operation of plants based on several technologies (biogas, woodchip-fired power plants, biomass gasification, ORC, vegetable oils) gives to MP a high added-value expertise for the Client.
MP performed a number of technical-administrative Due-Diligence activities on solid biomass and biogas plants in Italy and Bulgaria (over 20 plants, combined power c.a. 50 MW), mainly aimed at financing or at acquisition of assets.


Thanks to its staff with over ten years experience in the development and in the Technical Advisory on wind plants and projects, MP is capable of performing activities such as technical Due-Diligences. feasibility studies, site characterisation, wind campaign coordination, permitting support and negotiation of wind mill supply and O&M contracts..


MP is an independent Technical Advisory Company, specialized in the renewable energy sector, with special focus on solar, hydro, biomasses and energy efficiency.

Via Ceccardi 3, 16121 Genova, Italy
Phone: +39 010 8686298
Fax: +39 010 8686338
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